Facial recognition solution using AI technology for checking employee attendance and timekeeping

Our Values

With vnFace, we always want to bring values to meet the expectations of our customers.

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      Prevent attendance cheating, ensure attendance verification for employees.
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      Automate HR and payroll management processes.
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      Security monitoring when entering and exiting the company's area.
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      Creating a professional impression to partners, and customers.
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      Maintain discipline in organizations and businesses
  • check-icon Users, employees
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      Ensure attendance verification for employees.
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      Actively track your attendance results.
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      Save time and increase productivity.


We're here to bring you even more amazing solutions

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    Quick and high accuracy face recognition system.
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    Unlimited number of faces.
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    Diverse and convenient notification channels
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    Easy to integrate API with open door system, available HRM system.
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    Fast and simple deployment.


vnFace - Flexible application of facial recognition technology to build up different businesses suitable for many fields in the market. Currently, the solution is being deployed in many large companies and enterprises across the country.

Identify VIP customers at the VietcomBank Priority lounge at Noi Bai airport.
Face recognition device placed at the entrance helps to identify VIP customers with high accuracy. VIP customers will be invited by the reception to the waiting area to use high-quality services at Vietcombank Priority Lounge.
eReception - Smart reception
Customers register their work schedule through VNPT eReception application. After the work schedule is confirmed, customers coming to work at the building can perform facial check-in at the tablets located in the reception area. The system will recognize the face and compare it with the information on the system.
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